6 Degrees Consulting is a business advisory consulting firm located in Toronto, Ontario that helps experienced business owners and senior managers immigrate to Canada through regional business immigration programs.

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The new OINP Entrepreneur Success Initiative targets entrepreneurs who can develop sustainable, job-creating, and growth-oriented businesses which provide economic benefit to Canada. Applicants who successfully apply to the program will receive help with matchmaking with potential sellers of businesses in Ontario, hand-holding with preparation of their business plan, legal advice, and have their application processed on an expedited basis.

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We offer the services you need to be successful

Successful business immigration applications need the following. Let us help ensure you are on the right track.

Business Plan Formation

  • Helping you identify businesses to create or buy in Ontario.
  • Helping you identify a specific geographical area where you can live and locate your business.
  • Preparing a detailed business plan based on your business idea and location which includes: financial statements, marketing strategies, market and industry research, informative pitch decks, and unique business concepts and models

Document Due-diligence

  • Comprehensive screening process based on the program guidelines to ensure you are a qualified applicant
  • Helping you compile and review all necessary documentation to maximize the success of the application process.
  • Ensuring you possess the right documentation and verification reports at the relevant stages of the application process

Legal & Commercial Assistance

  • Arranging an immigration lawyer who is licensed in Ontario for assistance in filing your application
  • Arranging a commercial lawyer who is licensed in Ontario for assistance in completing your business creation or purchasing transactions.
  • Arranging a commercial realtor who is licensed in Ontario for assistance in securing a specific location to operate your business.

Application Support Coaching

  • Reviewing your application and providing guidance from the perspective of the approval bodies
  • Helping you highlight strong points on your application while avoiding common mistakes made by business immigration applicants
  • Helping you prepare for immigration interviews through one-on-one coaching sessions and a complete Q&A guide.

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