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Two Unique, Powerful Business Immigration Routes to Permanent Residency


Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

Entrepreneur Success Initiative
The goal of the initiative is to attract and support 100 new applications. It is a one-of-a-kind initiative supported by the Ontario government to help foreign entrepreneurs establish businesses in Ontario, and provides a fast and secure pathway to permanent residency.
  • Minimum language requirement at CLB 4
  • Option to buy existing business or create one
  • Traditional or innovative businesses allowed
  • Minimum net worth & investment requirement

1. Preparation

Before registering an EOI, applicants must ensure they're eligible and so is their business.

2. Registration

Applicants must register an Expression of Interest (EOI).

3. Invitation to Apply

If applicants receive an invitation to apply, they can apply to the entrepreneur steam.

4. Assessment

All information on the application is verified and a mandatory interview must be attended.

5. Submission

Applicants submit their application along with supporting documents & pay the $3,500 fee.

6. Performance Agreement

If application is approved, a performance agreement is signed indicating commitment.

7. Temporary Work Permit

Applicants are issued a letter to apply for a temporary work permit from IRCC.

8. Business Establishment

Once applicants arrive in Ontario, they have 20 months to implement the business plan.

9. Nomination

If performance agreement commitments are met, clients may be eligible for PR status.

10. After Nomination

Clients apply to IRCC for PR status within six months of nomination. Monitoring for six months.

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Start-up Visa

Supporting Innovative Entrepreneurs
The SUVP is designed for international entrepreneurs who have an innovative and scalable business concept and are looking to immigrate to Canada. A designated entity, either a Business Incubator, an Angel Investor Group, or Venture Capital Fund must issue a Letter of Support for the business.
  • Minimum language requirement at CLB 5
  • Focuses on creating new businesses only
  • Focus on innovative business ideas only
  • No net worth or investment requirements

1. Application

Submit application online to apply. Answer questions like company revenue, organization structure, etc.

2. Internal Review

Designated entity reviews submissions. Successful applicants need to participate in an interview to outline business progress & plans for Canada.

3. Due-Diligence

A due-diligence checklist is sent out. Applicants must upload company and personal information such as financial statements, resumes, etc.

4. Panel Interview

An interview with the designated entity's network of industry experts occurs to further review the company's current & future offering.

5. Program Acceptance

SUV agreement and invoice is issued by the designated entity. The designated entity provides a Commitment Certificate and Letter of Support.

6. Work Permit & PR

Using the Letter of Support provided, applicants are able to apply for a Work Permit and/or Permanent Residency status with the IRCC.

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